52 DIY Painted Rocks With Inspirational Design Ideas

Creativity is endless. A precious creativity can make a chance to increase someone’s intelligence or even open a wide commercial opportunity. Here is the example! Painted Rocks! How could Painted Rocks become one of the example s of real creativity? Rocks can be found everywhere. We can use our creativity to make them more valuable by making painted rocks. If it is made seriously, it is possible to earn some money from it. This activity can be done for all ages, especially children to built their own creativity.  You can draw animals, flowers, cartoons or characters you like the most, view, shapes, messages, and so on depends on your creativity and imagination.

The main thing you should prepare are some smooth stones found around the neighborhood. If you find the stones that have some holes, you can fill it with wood filler or putty. The paint you have to use is acrylic paint, some various sizes of brush, sealer, water, and  bleach. The steps are: wash the stones, scrub them with an old brush and dry them. If it is found some holes on the stones, fill them with some putty and apply a coat of primer. When the rocks get dry, you are ready to paint and decorate the rocks. Finally, after you finish your painting, apply the sealer to complete the step. It is easy, isn’t it?


Kho Lick