44 Mid-Century Coffee Table in Your Living Room Decor

Furniture from the mid-century is simplistic in design yet classy and classic. The simplistic look is great for those who like less clutter, simplistic design, and vintage sense. It has clean lines, robust curves, and not over ornate on the design. One of the mid-century furniture that you can bring into your home is a coffee table for your living room. It’ll be a great idea that you can have a mid-century touch to create a charming living room.

Dark wood will be suitable for your coffee table. The most common woods used in the mid-century era and look best for the design are teak, walnut, oak, and rosewood. You can mix modern style furniture with the older one vintage style pieces to create a unique coffee table look. For the color schemes, you can choose dark yellow or golden tones, saturated browns greens, oranges, and other neutral tones, such as deep browns. Here are some more inspirational pictures to draw your ideas. Please enjoy!


Kho Lick

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