42 Easy DIY Pavement Molds for Backyard Design

Are you bored with your old pavement look with a flat design? You don’t need to be worried because with a little creativity you can make your own unique pavement by making the mold DIY. The benefit of doing DIY project is that you have your freedom to create your mold based on your imagination as you’ll get satisfy on it. The only thing that you should consider when creating your own DIY pavement project is to design it with an easy movement possibility so that people enjoy to walk through it. Make sure that you create something with functional value and artistic at the same time.

There are some materials that you can use to create your pavement, but the main thing that can make your pavement unique is the unusual mold as the upper layer of your pavement. You can make your mold by using some natural elements to create an earthy impression that will look very suitable as it is located at your yard. Leaf is a great idea to be the mold as it has many different shapes and size. If you have lot of time you can make it with small leaf and have a neat and detail pattern, but if you have lack of time, simply choose the bigger leaf. I do guarantee that you will love this idea. The other material is by using wooden board. This kind of mold will bring out a regular arrangement with many different shapes that you can take based on your taste. Unfortunately, you’ll need more effort on this because you have to build the mold that will takes time but trust me that you can have a mold that is very ‘you’ as you design it yourself. Look at our pictures below to give you inspiration in choosing your best mold. Have fun!

Kho Lick

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