44 Brilliant Modern Rustic Kitchen Decor Ideas

Some people are willing to spend more money in decorating their kitchen especially those whose hobby is cooking. Why? Because a kitchen is the heart of a home. It is usually decorated by a modern or even rustic ideas. If you want to make an anti-mainstream model, rustic idea will be the best option.

Rustic idea is the mixture between classic and rustic concept. It uses some material like wood, iron, brick, marble, and granite. This idea presents traditional outlook and original old ornaments. To get this kind of model, you can decorate the wall with brick or natural stone. Moreover, you can paint the wall with colors like plain white, brown, or pastel color to get a classic impression. The using of wood for roof and floor surely sharpens the idea of warm rustic idea. Next, warm light lamps are the supporting ornaments since they create an elegant and warm nuance. Lamps will beautify the whole kitchen mixed with rustic ornaments. Some example of rustic kitchen model are presented below.


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