47 Inspiring White Shaker Cabinets to Upgrade your Kitchen

Shaker style may sounds less familiar for you, but here we will try to explicate you about the shaker style. It is generally defined in terms of kitchens, with wooden cabinets featuring inset cabinet door and drawer grooves to create a traditional aesthetic. Whereas, don’t go thinking that it has to be old fashioned or boring, vice versa, it allows you to have a classic and luxurious looks yet very modern. That is why shaker style kitchen can be matched with any home style from the classic style, farmhouse style, rustic, luxurious, bohemian, or even modern and industrial style.

If you wish to have a white shaker kitchen cabinet, there are some consideration and ideas that you may follow. White Shaker kitchen cabinets feature a real contemporary styles. It should be made as a focal point on your kitchen with proper storage. Since it is popular in its elegance of design along with reliable function, you have to make it as awesome as possible by giving the right combination color on its white paint. You can try to apply gold color to make it glamorous, black color to make it looks modern and minimalist, beige color for a scandinavian style, wood color for rustic or farmhouse style, and many more. The Shaker style is for sure can adding a better room for better cooking and dining experiences. Both upper and base cabinets are great with reliable design and function. Now, please check our pictures on the gallery for some inspirations before you make a purchase.

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