49 Marvelous Grey and White Kitchen Style

Decorating a kitchen is interesting. White and grey may be the color applied to make a classy kitchen. Grey begins to be a favorite color since it gives calm and cool impression. On the other hands, white, has clear and modern impression. These two colors work together to make a marvelous kitchen design.

Applying white more dominantly than grey makes a larger and wider impression. This is suitable for a minimalist kitchen. If grey plays dominantly, it’s better to put more lighting whether it’s from windows or lamps. White is commonly used to the wall, while grey is used to color the furniture like tables, chairs, or shelves. The other furniture to complete the concept of grey and white kitchen are a stove, a fridge, or pans that must be in white or grey. The following pictures are some examples in which grey and white come together to make a prestigious interesting kitchen. Check them out!


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