49 Beautiful Scandinavian Dining Rooms Decorations for Big Family

Designing a scandanavian room means that you are ready with the minimalism principle. There won’t be any colorful stuff and cute ornaments. If you are going to create a Scandunavian dining room, follow the modern or industrial rule. Make something simple, clean, functional, yet very magnificent.

You can start your Scandinavian dining room project with the color scheme. Choose the neutral or chromatic colors like black and white. Usually it’s not using wooden material, so that you need to find another industrial material for the table. In order you have a big family, make sure that you choose the big table and adjust the size with your family members. Don’t forget to install a lamp that can bring out the warm, wide, and clean impression into your room. Check out our images below to make sure that you’ve catch the ideas of Scandinvian style.

Dame Ria

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