45 Easy Ways to Design and Decorate a Kids’ Room

A room for kids is more than just a place to lay down but it is also a place to imagine their dreams. They like playing a lot. So, some of them want to merge their playroom with their bedroom. As parents, of course we will be pleased when our kids get excited to stay longer at their room. Thus, we are going to discuss more about decorating kids’ room.

In decorating kids’ room, don’t forget to ask our kids’ opinion. What they want to have about their room is the big deal. Kids usually love colorful theme. But, we can ask them what color they want to have to be the dominant. A girl commonly like more feminine theme like flowery, pinkish, dolly, and softy theme. While boys tend to love more masculine theme like space, vehicles,and animal. The important furniture is the bed itself that may be completed with a desk and chair for kids to study. Parents may choose timeless design since kids grow fast. It’s possible for kids to change their taste of room theme. Wall sticker can be chosen because it may be released and stuck easily based on the theme loved. Next, remember to provide storage. It is as the place to store their toys. For supporting ornament, we can put a rug for kids to lay down on the floor.



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