55 Easy DIY Outdoor Firewood Racks

Firewood racks will be very important during the cold winter months as you’ll need wood to be burn to keep your home warm and cozy. You can keep your wood in your basement, but if you don’t have enough space to store it, then you should make it outdoor. The main consideration that you should know is that to make sure you can keep the wood dry so that it would burn properly whenever you need it. The other consideration is to make sure that the distance between the wood and the fire is enough if you have a fireplace on your yard.

There are some kinds of firewood racks that you can create based on your ability.  Using bricks is a good choice to keep the wood dry, you can make a wooden storage shed setting on it. Don’t forget to concern with the roof. Make something with a withstand material to make sure that it can bear in any condition. Now, let’s look at some of the DIY outdoor firewood rack ideas that you will loved.


Dame Ria

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