45 Home Decor Inspiration Black, White and Green Interior Design

The idea of combining right color for home decoration is important since home is the place we spend much time with family. So, making it as cozy as possible is a must. Nowadays, some people take a minimalist home concept and put monochrome idea (white and black) to color their home. Monochrome concept tends to be strong when it is applied to the furniture or wall color. Black gives masculine and brave impression. While white tends to be soft and light.

To help this monochrome concept more impressive and cool, green color is the right choice. Why? Because green gives the impression of more natural, like designing a living room with monochrome concept such as white is applied for wall color, black for the furniture, and they are completed with selected green sofa. This perfect idea will make the living room looks natural. Moreover, painting one another side wall with green color and put some plants in the room may also supports the monochrome concept. Then, these example below may help you to decide which design of combination black, white, and green that suitable with your home decoration.



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