47 Cozy Small Cottage House Plan Ideas

Cottage is all about coziness that features with a warm impression. If you have a small cottage and not sure that it will be a pleasant occupancy, then you don’t need to be worried. The main consideration of a cozy cottage is not on its size but on the ambience that you can show up into your rooms as people will come with pleasure.

While choosing for the interiors of your cottage, it can be customized based on your taste. Think comfy slip-covered furniture, a mix of weathered and textual pieces made of timber, painted wood, wicker, and natural fibers. For the color schemes, you can choose something from muted to vibrant style. The point is that choose something that will bring out a welcoming feeling into your cottage. If you’re planning to design your small cottage, please take a look at our ideas bellow to give you inspiration.



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