40 Best Outdoor Swimming Pool Designs

Swimming is a pleasure activity. If in the village or areas that close to the waters, swimming can be carried out in rivers, times, lakes and even the sea. Then for urban areas, swimming pools are the right place for swimming. Therefore, we have to design our swimming pool well, so we feel comfortable to swim there. In building a swimming pool there are several things that you must be considered starting from security, privacy, purpose of use, budget, and the view around it.

Swimming while enjoying natural beauty is the right combination to exercise and relax your mind, feel like swimming in the wild accompanied by beautiful natural scenery. It can be realized by designing a swimming pool with mini garden around the pool. You can also complete the swimming pool with chairs, both chairs to just relax looking at the pool with the surrounding scenery and chairs for sunbathing on the edge of the pool. Next, try to do greenery around the pool like planting trees to beautify the scenery and refresh the atmosphere. In addition, pool decks that made of wood also add to the cool atmosphere and don’t look monotonous. For safety factors, an outdoor swimming pool should have a high wall to avoid interference from outsiders who have bad intentions. Don’t forget to adjust the direction of the sun, so the pool gets enough sun but not excessive. In a fact, children enjoy playing water including swimming. Besides as a place to play, swimming also a good exercise for children as long as the intensity is observed. To design a swimming pool for your child, you can add slides in large or small sizes there. Here we present some examples of outdoor swimming pool to be your reference. Good luck.



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