42 Creative Recreational Vehicles (RV) Interior Design

Recreational vehicles (RV) are not a common thing for all people who have a hobby on vacation. RV is a vehicle that is transformed into a comfortable home. Of course, in the RV there are several objects that are needed every day, such as a living room, bed, kitchen and bathroom. For this reason, if you want to make or already have an RV, don’t let the four objects not there. Make your RV as a nice home to live there with the right interior selection. The most important thing about a home is comfort and safety. So you have to pay attention to those two aspects.

It is undeniable, making RV does require a lot of money because the price of the interior is also rather expensive. But I’m sure you won’t think to spend your money to decorate your RV. To arrange the spaces in your RV that are requires creativity. For the interior of your RV’s living room, don’t place a set of sofas, because that will give a narrow impression. Choose one sofa that is rather long and use a small table with placement beside the sofa. Then about your bed, use a mattress that isn’t too big, which is important to fit you and your partner. To be more functional, you can make mattress pads that can be used to store books or electronic devices that you normally use. The next is the kitchen, the kitchen is a special room or place that has the equipment and equipment to process delicious food. For that, you must pay attention to the interior needed there. You can place your kitchen equipment to hang on the wall. It will enhance the appearance of your kitchen, but you can also make a shelf to put under the stove as a place to save your kitchen equipment. The last is the bathroom, you have to be smart in arranging the interior there, because the size of the bathroom in your RV is obviously not too big. For that, you can place your bathroom equipment in a box that you can place on your bathroom toilet. If you want to use your bathroom equipment, you can open the box. Besides all that, it’s back again to your taste. Because the satisfaction comes from yourself. For example, below are some examples of RV interior design that you can try. Good luck!


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