31 Apartment Minimalist Bedroom Ideas with Farmhouse Style

When buying an apartment, someone may have some considerations such as he thinks that living in an apartment is simpler than living at a house or he may also think that having an apartment is prestigious. Nowadays, an apartment is designed to be minimalist and tends to be more modern, from its design, decoration, and arrangement.

To be an anti-mainstream people, we can creatively redecorate our apartment to be what we want to have. For example, we can modify our bedroom which is usually designed minimalist to be a farmhouse idea. We don not have to be worried about the design since this design will bring warmth to your bedroom. Though an apartment is usually built in a big city, it does not matter to bring a rural idea. You can use a wooden bed or a wooden table which is not finished well by using some polyster. For the wall, you can instal a shiplap wall, wall coating made from wood and is designed with lines motif. If you are not lucky to find a shiplap wall, you are possible to use wallpaper to beautify your bedroom wall. The characteristic of farmhouse idea is the choice of dominant soft color, like natural wooden color. In accordance with this reason, you had better to make it balance by using a colorful bedsheet in order to get a sweet and nice combination between the theme and chosen supporting colors. In completing a farmhouse idea to your apartment bedroom, you can apply some furniture or ornaments like a wooden table and cupboard, wooden bed side tables, rattan chairs, and any other ornaments from bamboo. To get more inspirative ideas of farmhouse bedroom, just check these picture below. Enjoy!



ifa Bintang

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