46 Small Apartment Balcony Decor with Beautiful Garden

The idea of making your balcony as the place all the member of your family love the most is interesting. Balcony is usually used to spend some time to relax. Its function is same with garden or yard where we can spend time and relax for a while. But, how about living in an apartment which we know it seems impossible to have a garden? Is it possible to have an apartment balcony be a small garden? Now, we can make it possible.

Below are presented the idea of decorating your balcony into a small garden. The balcony, then, completed with seats set and some plants or flowers to make it more natural and colorful. You can put some flowers in tiny vases. Some colorful flowers can create a natural sense of your small garden. So, you can spend your time at balcony by reading books, drinking your favorite beverage, having meals while enjoying a marvelous small colorful garden.






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