49 DIY Wooden Ice Cooler that Your Inspire

When the weather is hot, the thing that we always look for is a cold drink, because it can refresh our body. Especially when we are gathering with people, cold drinks are mandatory drinks that must exist. All of you need to know, that you can make an ice cooler by wood.

Wood is an object that we can find everywhere. And actually, we can make an ice cooler that made of wood. First, you have to make the ice cooler box design. Choose the wood that you think is strong and you can afford it. If you don’t have a lot of money, you can use the items around you. Like a barrel or table that has not been used. Next, you have to buy insulation for your ice cooler box. The types of insulation that are often used are vacuum insulation, polyurethane foam insulation and Styrofoam. Styrofoam can be a choice because is the cheapest and easiest type of insulation. To beautify the look, don’t forget to paint your wooden ice cooler, because good color selection will attract everyone’s attention. To keep drinks cool, pour some ice cubes into the wooden ice cooler. Add some properties such as cups and bottle opener so your wooden ice cooler looks more pleasant. Here we present some examples of wooden ice cooler to be your reference. Good luck.


Dame Ria

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