58 DIY Patio Decoration with Ceramic Motifs

Patio will be the center of people attention because the location on the front of house. Besides can make air circulation in the house more fresh and healthy, the patio to be a comfortable place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee with your mate.  So, when your patio feels lonely and dry, you can start beautifying this area.

If you have much time, you can decorate your patio by yourself. The first thing that you can do is to put a comfortable chair or sofa there. Then, because the patio is small, you can put some plants to hang on the wall, so it doesn’t take much space. Furthermore, giving attention to the floor can be applied to your patio. Actually, choosing ceramic motifs isn’t too easy and difficult. The important thing is to adjust it to the proportion of the room. For large rooms, avoid ceramics with small pieces and in the small room, the ceramics motif that too excessive can also make the room feel more congested. Don’t be afraid to be creative in the pattern of installation. If the ceramics with one color feels boring, you can combine floor tiles with solid colors in black and white or monochromatic. In addition, if you have a long passage, give a life by placing colorful flowers. Colorful flowers can be a beautiful decoration and bring freshness of the patio. Below, we present some examples of patio decor with ceramic motifs as your references.


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