45 American Style Touches for Bedroom

American bedroom style decoration is like celebrating all things America with white, red, and blue scheme color. The white color will dominate the room then followed with red or blue fabric form. The stars and stripes motif also become the main consideration in decorating the room. American style decoration usually gives a bright, refreshing, and strong atmosphere. Besides, it’ll have a very homely and rustic look.

In choosing the furniture for your room, try to look for chunky wooden farmhouse furniture and classic American folk style fabrics, such as tucking stripes, gingham, and antique quilts. You can put a vase with white flower or red above your table or storage. Install a chandelier or classic table lamp to give a classic America sense. If you want a modern touch, you can hang an American flag on the wall above your modern bed design or find a blue stripes curtain and red star carpet to create a modern American bedroom style.


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