53 DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas for Your Interior Design

Farmhouse style is quite popular these days since people are bored with modernization and need something rustic to calm and refresh their mind from the hectic city ambience. Farmhouse style is chosen by most people because it carries the nature elements and allow you to get the warm and peaceful atmosphere by its greenary and wooden things here and there. Due to the name, farmhouse style also able to give us a nostalgic feeling as it use the typical rural look and let you drowned into memories.

To design your home into a farmhouse look, all you need to do is preparing for the interior that will be the soul of your home style. You can apply the farmhouse interior into all rooms in your home, from the living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, even bathroom. The point is that you have to include the nature materials for the interior such as wood. The furniture that are possible to be applied with wooden material are coffee table, kitchen cabinet, platform bed, dining table including the chairs, bathroom storage, and many more. Don’t forget for the ornament to beautify your home. Here, you can make DIY project to create gorgeous ornament based on your taste, personality, and needs. The easiest wall ornament is quote board. You just need to write down your favorite quote into the board, tint it with your favorite color and simply being satisfied on it. There are still so many awesome farmhouse interiors that you can applied into your home, check out our gallery and be amazed!



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