30 Modern and Stylish Teenage Boys Room Designs

Decorating teenage boys’ room sounds so hard. They are naturally not easy to be pleased. That’s why you need to prepare your ammunition to make them excited. Try to find out your boys favorite color to make the room scheme, favorite figure or even their hobbies. Use everything they love as your guide to create the room theme.

If you’re craving for some boys room ideas here we’ll show you. The first significant part is that don’t put colorful stuff at the room. Make a bold, black, blue, grey, or brown scheme for your boy’s room. Wooden room décor will look great to give a natural sense that combined with blue color on the blanket and striped carpet. Stick your boy’s favorite figure posters such as Star Wars, Spiderman, or even his favorite football player. Don’t put too much furniture and make it as simple as you can because boys love simplicity



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