38 Minimalist Apartment Designs With Maximal Functionality

An apartment tends to be minimalist and simple. Your apartment may be designed as what you expect. You should know some smart tricks to maximize the minimal space. A well planned design is everyone’s dream. If it does not plan well, you may not get the expected design. In having an apartment, you surely dream a luxurious and elegant one. There are some tricks will be discussed below.

To make your minimalist apartment seems like being more spacious. First, make the most spacious space for a living room. It is also better to design the living room close to the window so that while you are gathering with family, you can enjoy the fresh natural air. The second is using flaoting shelves as stuff storage or LED tv. This idea save the space since you can use another space under the floating space for other aspects. Third, try to put only useful stuffs in your apartment so that you can manage the placement as efficient as possible. It is better for you not to take big or complicated ornaments for the wall to give larger impression for any room. Next is about decorating your kitchen. As you have only limited space, you can use mini kitchen set to your kitchen. Even though you have only a tiny kitchen, but it does not lessen the mood in cooking if you keep it clean and tidy so that your kitchen will cozier. The last is about the lighting. The importance of lighting should be concerned since in a minimalist apartment concept, lighting helps to make larger impression. You may use task lighting for focused and centre of lighting of the room. Then you may also apply accent lighting such as lamps on the wall or dressing table lighting. Here are some examples of apartment fesigns you may choose as your inspiration.




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