32 Vintage Garden Decorating Ideas

Vintage garden becomes a new trend that implemented into your outdoor spaces. You can bring out the vintage nuance not only into your indoor room but also outdoor, in this case is in your yard. A unique look on your garden will make your neighborhood stare at your home in awe so that it is worthed to design your outdoor space from boring to amazing.

In decorating your vintage garden, you can use your old furniture as the planter. An antique chair will work well to give a vintage look, you can simply put a pot into the chair and hang some old vintage plates above it. Moreover, you can also use galvanized metal wash basin or bucket, wheelbarrow, or pitcher as the planter.  If you have a big tree on your yard, you can also hang some DIY jar lantern that will look gorgeous at night. Furthermore, look at our vintage garden decoration ideas as you will get inspired.



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