30 Modern Mid-Century Home With Vintage Furniture

Having a unique concept for our house needs some consideration. From aesthetic side, budget, and also the utility. That’s why to decide a home concept, we have to be excellent and careful. Actually, we do not need to put many furniture since what we need is selecting the most useful furniture. If we have only a small house, this trick is reasonable because we need to safe the space.

In this modern era, some people tend to have minimalist concept to safe their house space. The simplicity is the popular concept since it also seems to be more modern. But, why don’t we try to have an old design like a mid-century design? This design presents a classic idea and emphasizes on wooden furniture or decoration. Wooden furniture is adopted by this concept because it looks natural. Some old furniture idea like a classic square mirror, a wooden arm chair, a wooden cabinet or cupboard represent the idea of mid-century design. Applying modern mid-century design for our house will let us go back to years ago. The characteristic of mid-century ornaments is using metal or wood for the material. Sometimes, mozaic furniture is also found to beautify our house. Here are some examples of mid-century touch in modern house that you can take for your inspiration. Just check them out now!




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