32 Great Patio Lighting at Night


Are you wondering on how to create a romantic sense into your house? Patio is the perfect answer! It may located outside your house but it precisely gives you the advantage as the outdoor area will allow you to enjoy the stars, moon, fresh air, and nature impression that provide the romantic ambience. Besides, trust me that with a little decoration touch, it will serve you with the best romantic night your whole life.

The focal point of the romantic patio decoration is on the lighting. As we all know that lighting has an important role in providing some different impression based on its kinds. Use the faint lamps to bring out the romantic atmosphere into your patio. For the placement it can be based on your patio area, you can install it as the hanging lamps on the tree or plants at your yard or install it around the patio. Whatever you’ll do for the lamp, don’t forget to consider for the aesthetic value. The pictures below may give you some inspiration, please don’t be hesitate to enjoy it!


ifa Bintang

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