36 Tiny Laundry Room Decor With Saving Space Ideas

There is a proverb ‘Loundry today, or naked tomorrow’. It represents that anyone should do wash clothes even it tends to be a hard activity. Washing may be a bored activity because it is tiring. What about having a tiny loundry room at home? Will everybody get lazier to do loundry? Not anymore! We can modify a tiny loundry room to make loundry or washing activity more pleasant.

Here are some examples of decorating a tiny loundry room at home. What we have to pay attention more is we have to optimize every inch of available space. Place our washing mechine in the right place. So, it does not take a larger space. We can put it in the corner with an appropriate drainage. It’s good to make floating shelves to put some detergen, brushes, clean towels, iron, spray. Give some baskets to separate clean and dirty clothes. For maximizing the space, then, we can also merge the place to hang out the clothes together with the loundry room. But, make sure the roof made of transparent material to get sunlight perfectly. Though it is a closed place but it completely safe in the rainy season.



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