35 Awesome Outdoor Shower designs beside the Pool

For you who have your own pool inside your home territorial, it will be perfect if you construct an outdoor shower near the pool. An outdoor shower will make your after swimming activity easier. You don’t need to go inside to have a shower and won’t leave water puddle on your floor that will be dangerous because it is too slippery and troublesome to dry it out.

Setting up an outdoor shower is not as difficult as you thought. Install a shower head with a hose attachment to a wall, adding a tub underneath to collect the water and turning on the tap. You can add a greenery touch by planting flowers or small trees that will give you a natural impression. Besides, match the style of your outdoor shower to your house will be awesome. Don’t forget to install the lighting as you can enjoy the shower after your night swimming. There are some outdoor shower design collections that we have collected for you. Please enjoy and get inspired!


Dame Ria

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