34 Awesome Minimalist Rooms for Kids

A minimalist room is quite popular these days by its simplicity including your kid’s room. In designing your kid’s room into a minimalist style, there are some considerations you need to concern about. The most important is to make sure your kid loves it. Find out your kid’s interest or favorite things and use it as your guide in creating the room style. Go minimal doesn’t mean that it will look boring and uninviting, here we will show you the ways to do it right.

Choose a simple and limited color scheme for the room, muted color will look stylish and calm. Put some decorative basket under the bed such as a rattan material basket to keep the toys or another stuff to make it look tidy and well organized. Make an open space to play and a free movement. Don’t put oversize bed and cupboard into the room and choose based on your kid’s needs. Remember to buy high-quality items for your kid’s comfort because going minimalist means you’re cutting on the quantity not the quality.



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