30 Cozy Small Living Room Decor Ideas for Your Apartment

We have already known that an apartment can’t have space as large as a house. Its living room, also, tends to be minimalist. As a room for gathering with family, its design should be better and comfortable. The concept and setting of the living room is important since we can’t be carelessly to put every furniture.

Living room in an apartment needs simplicity. We have to think some ideas to make it simble but cozy. First, decide the concept we will take, whether it will beodern, classic, or minimalist. Second, select the right furniture like sofa, chair, table, TV set, or crystal lamp. We have to manage every single available inch. Then, it’s better to have wider windows so the light perfectly illuminate the living room. Additionally, for the ornaments we are able to put some photo frames or painting in a simple order. These 30 designs below can be your reference.


ifa Bintang