30 Patio Style with Stone Floor

Patio is really an extra for any home that has remaining space on the yard where not all people has that chance due to the limitation of its surface area. If you are the one who lucky enough to have a large yard area to build a patio, then take advantage on it by maximizing your effort in creating a gorgeous patio. As you have known that patio is not only used as a place to relax but you can also utilize it as a place to have a romantic night with your mate. Your patio can be function for any occation based on how you decor it.

When it comes to the patio decoration, some of you may only concern on how to manage the furniture, ornament, or lighting. The thing that people forget is on the flooring. Flooring is a part that also take effect to the beauty of a space where it is not only something dedicated to be step over. Flooring has so many different kinds of material and motif, the one that may unexpected by many people is the stone material. Stone that is used for the flooring can be in many different shape, it can be cut off in certain regular shape or simply set it in any random shape. If you are willing to use the random shape, it may need more effort to arrange it so that it can have an aesthetic look. This stone flooring idea is really mesmerizing, please look at some stone flooring ideas on our gallery below to give you some more illustration.


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