32 Art and Landscape Design Projects for Garden Design

No matter how wide is your house, it is important to provide a space for making a garden though only a small one. As we know that garden has some functions, both aesthetic and health sides, so it will be better for us to give a space to make an artistic beautiful garden. To create a landscape for our garden, we can search some garden design sources that are inspirative. Furthermore, we also have to consider about our budget.

As we mentioned above that garden can aesthetically beautify your house, we have to set it well, from the landscape, the plants arrangement, the drainage, and also the maintenance. Though we only have a small space, we can optimize our garden to be a green beautiful garden. For the health reason, a garden can supply oxygen and can refresh our sight after working with gadgets or a personal computer. There are some tips to make an artistic and beautiful garden. First, you can decide to plant flowers or any plants you want in flower pots. For a small garden, this trick is believed can safe the space. You had better to choose some kinds of flowers with different colors, so they can make your garden more mesmerizing. If you are too busy to maintain your flowers, you may choose cactus since it low maintenance. Grassy garden is a good idea too as it gives green and fresh impression to the garden. Moreover, we can apply some stones or gravels to make a walkway so that we have a space to walk in the garden without beaking our lovely plants. One thing should be concerned is about the drainage. Next, as we want to have a healthy garden, we also have to water our plants to keep them grow well. If you are business men, you surely need some time to relax in the spare time. This activity can be done in the garden and you can simply put a seat set to have a tea time with your family. To give you some inspiration to make a beautiful garden, you can check the following designs. Have fun!



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