33 Outdoor Styles of a Healthy House Faces East

Before building a house, we think about many things like, the land, budget, material, deaign and so on. The other thing we should consider is about having front yard in order to have space for us to do gardening, playing, and for the aesthetic reason. This reasons will directly relates with the needs of sun light for the plants in the garden. If we consider these cases, we will decide to choose a house faces to the east.

Deciding a house faces east allows us to have some adventages, especially decorationg outdoor area. A garden or front yard will be interesting to be considered since it can beautify our house’ look. The first thing we have mentioned before is that the need of sun light is fulfilled. So, we are freely to have sun bathing in a summer everyday in the morning. To complete this activity, we can put a seat set in the front yard so that we can do sun bathing with family as comfortable as possible. Moreover, a house faces east may also give more adventages for plants in the garden to have photosynthesis so that they keep grow and green. Never think that the house will be so hot in the morning since the sun light is good for our health. Some people believe that a house faces east brings luck for the owner in term of economic and health. To decorate a house faces east we have to consider about cleanliness for example we have regularly tidy up the plants or tree in the garden to ensure that they do not shade each other. Then, we also have to make a good drainage to drain the plants. If our house looks so green and fresh, we have reached the health side. This article provides some outdoor decoration to make your house faces east looks stylish and green. Check them out!


ifa Bintang

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