35 Ways to Transform Your Garden Alleys Into Gorgeous Decorations

A large garden commonly has an alleys that split along the garden to be stepped in while people have a walk and enjoying the garden. It is also possible for the small garden to have an alleys but it is more precise to be applied on the large garden as it will only conform your small garden and limited the space for the plants and other garden decoration. Garden alleys can be designed into several style based on your garden style or you can simply adjust it based on your budgeting plan so that you won’t go bankrupt.

In transforming your alleys into a beautiful path, you can build it by using some materials such as decorative rocks, gargen decorative grass, wood, or even cement mold. You can form the pattern of the alleys based on the material you use, it can be created in a good order or in a random form where both styles have its own characteristic and value. Moreover, to beautify your alleys, try to add certain plant or flower then plant it on the left and right side along the alleys. You can choose the short plant or even the high plant and create a tunnel look into your alleys, simply choose the one that fit perfectly with your garden style and your taste. In order you need some examples of the design to give you a better understanding, here we have prepared some best garden alleys designs for you. Hope you can get the ideas!


Dame Ria

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