30 Best RV Clothes Storage Ideas

When talking about RV decoration, sometimes we only focus on the kitchen, bathroom, bed, and sofas. Remember that we have clothes to be stored. In creating the clothes storage, you have to be sharp in looking for the free space that is possible for that. Make sure that every inch of your RV has a functional value. If you organize the space correctly, it’s crazy how much additional storage space you’re able to enhance on your RV!

Talking about the spaces to put the storage, the area below your bed is excellent for that. Simply put some boxes to store your clothes then arrange it bellow your bed. Besides, you can also make use on the narrow space by arranging the storage vertically. Hanging a hook can also be a solution if there is no possible space on your RV. You can hang your clothes using the hangers. Take a look at some clothes storage ideas below. Hope you’ll like it!



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