34 Modern Rustic Bohemian Living Room Design Ideas

A living room should be designed as interesting as possible. The design can represent the house owner character. A living room can be a show room of any ornaments like photograph of yours or your family so that every guest who comes can enjoy the ornaments.

If you are the one who likes a colorful and freestyle, you can choose Bohemian style. There are many ways of designing a room, statting from adding some certain ornaments or redecorating the whole room. Because of this reason, Bohemian style is appropriate to apply since it may explore your style. Bohemian was popular in 1960s. It was well known as gypsy style which means free to explore self style. If this idea is applied in decorating your living room, you are possible to create the design as you want. It make us possible to play with colorful ornaments, styles, and motif. Bohemian as the innovation of interior design brings new atmosphere to our concept. For the application of ornaments, Bohemian is well knows as an eye-catching idea where we can apply many colorful ornaments to complete the living room such as light green sofa with pink, blue, or red pillows, some abstract paintings on the wall, or carpet with motif and bright color. Color is the strength in Bohemian style, so whether you will apply colorful theme or only a dominant color, it will be alright for Bohemian style. Besides the ornaments, you also can paint your wall with bright or even calm color, it is up to you as long as it determines your character. Talking about Bohemian, you might be curious about the motif. The motif of Bohemian is close to tribal. The uniqueness of tribal brings a warm ambiance for the living room. To make your Bohemian living room perfectly designed, applying a vintage furniture which tend to be old is a good idea. The examples below can be your inspiration in designing your living room becomes a funky Bohemian.



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