30 Kitchen Storage Ideas To Get Organized Once

Everyone surely wants to have a super tidy and clean kitchen, especially a housewife. A tidy kitchen boosts our mood to do cooking. As a housewife, we usually put anything we need in the kitchen to ease our process of cooking like fridge, kitchen set, shelves, kitchen utensils, household appliances and so on. Too much stuffs in the kitchen absolutely will make us confused to tidy them up. So, we need to know some excellent tricks to solve this problem.

With or without kitchen set, it is a must that our kitchen has to be comfortable. Using a kitchen set does not guatantee us to have minimal effort of keeping our kitchen clean. To store some kitchen stuffs, you can use your kitchen wall as a spot to place a floating shelf. This kind of shelf helps you to put your seasoning, oil bottle, cookies jar, jam jar, etc. The wall is also possible to use to hang your clean napkins. What about storing some pans or woks? The idea of using a vertical high shelf is good to apply in storing some pans and woks. It can help us to safe the space as well. Another simple storage we can try is the area under the sink. This area is hidden but it is believed that this area is closed so that you can make a small cupboard, drawer, or box to store your stuffs or clean dishes. For those who are very interested in cooking, you also need to know how to store the food. A food cabinet will solve your problem, so don’t be worried. If there is still much food you want to store, you are not only able to put your food inside the food cabinet, but you might use a food basket to store more food. Check these pictures below so you can get some inspirations to make storage for your kitchen.



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