33 Interesting Garden this Time

A garden plays an important role in beautifying our house. For those who like gardening, it is such their second home or even a heaven for them where they can plant any plants they love. To make a garden interesting, we have to manage it well. How we place any plant, what should we plant, how we decorate it, and what about the drainage are the focuses.

Before decorating much in the garden, we must make sure that there is a good drainage for the plants. Making a spinning sprinkle water is considered as a good idea. Then, choose the appropriate plants or trees. If your garden is not wide enough, don’t think you choose a big plant, because it will spend much space. Some colorful flowers can also be choices since they can make your garden colorful and awesome. Furthermore, decorate your garden with a mini waterfall, some stone scluptures, or a fish pound. They make your garden more naturally.


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