30 DIY Photo Wall Hanging for Bedroom Decoration

Bedroom is the most favorite place for the some people. Except as a place to rest, we can do various activities that we like there. Moreover the most exciting place to talk with friends is in the bedroom where we can do crazy things together. The bedroom must be designed as creative as possible, so it doesn’t look boring. There are many ways that you can do, one of them is to decorate the walls of the bedroom with photo wall hanging.

To make photo wall hanging, first we need to think about where is the right place to put your photo. For example, we can take place on the wall above the bed. Don’t assume if we must have a lot of money to decorate the bedroom, it’s wrong. You can use items in a low price to make it. You can use ropes and paper clips for this. Install the rope according to your needs, you can make various shapes with the rope, then hang the photo that you have between the ropes. In addition, you can buy room decorative lamp to hang on your wall. If you want to make a decoration with a photo of your mate, you can make the decorative lamp into a Love form, then hang your photo use paper clips between the lights. When you are sleeping, turn off your room lamp then leave the decorative lamp on and you will see the beautiful memories with your mate hanging on your bedroom wall. Good luck.


Dame Ria

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