33 Apartment Makeovers for Couple

You may have a couple apartment that is looking a bit tired, but thinking of the renovations is kind of difficult and expensive. To do a couple apartment makeover is a little bit tricky,but you might not be aware of how simple it is to provide a little space into a huge makeover. The most obvious part when doing a couple apartment makeover is by maintain it so that it won’t look too girly yet too manly, as you have live together as a couple, you have to be fair even for the occupancy decoration.

Couple apartment usually have any romantic furniture and items touch for each part of a home, but bedroom and dinningroom are the most common room to be added with romantic touch. It is caused by the fact that most of romantic moments are happen on the dining table or bed. In case you have a small apartment, you don’t need to give any complicated design, simply put one or two ornaments that carry on the romantic sense on it. For the bedroom, adding a faint lighting, a single rose on a vase, sweet fragrance, and a soft bed linen is enough, while for your dining room, put a vase of flowers on the table centrepiece and some aromatic candles to arrouse desires on your romantic dinner with your mate. There are some ideas to do the makeover for the couple apartment that you can use from the images below. Don’t stop here and keep looking for the rest of this page. Have fun!

Dame Ria

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