47 Rustic Bedroom Decoration and Furniture Ideas

As the most private room, a bedroom is set as comfortable as possible. A beautiful cozy bedroom is everyone’s dream. Have you found an idea to make your bedroom comfortable? Are you confused to select the right theme for your bedroom? Some theme like shabby chic, rustic, bohemian, scandinavian, and modern can be the alternatives theme for your beloved bedroom. It is quite important to decide what theme for a bedroom because in a bedroom we usually create our dream. Applying an appropriate bedroom theme will also affect our mood while taking a rest.

If you still get confused in choosing bedroom theme, we will introduce you to Rustic theme. This theme is so familiar since it emphasizes in using wood or stone. It also combines the beauty of nature and the convenience so that whoever stay in the bedroom wi always want to stay longer. The applying of wood naturally brings the athmosphere in the bedroom becomes more awesome. Wood can be dominantly applying for either the ornaments or the furniture, such as the floor, the ceiling, the wall the bed, and other ornaments like photo frames. Basically, rustic theme does not mean to spend much budget since we can use such kind of old wood or unfinished rough wood to make your bedroom seems to be natural. We can also put a shelf made of old wood without using polyster so that we create the impression of natural theme. To complete your bedroom, you can put a fan or lamps in the ceiling. A lamps with classic old style is a good idea to choose. Moreover, rustic theme allows you to explore deeper in decorating your bedroom. You are able to make a wooden table, book shelf, and a stand ladder from tree branches to put out your towel or clothes, etc. Those ideas supports the rustic theme in beautify your bedroom.


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