52 Amazing Wooden Ceiling for Elegant Home Decorating

52 Amazing Wooden Ceiling For Elegant Home Decorating

Innovation in decorating a house goes better and better. In the modern era, we can see some thing are back to nature. Some furniture at home made of wood are commonly seen. But, what about having wooden ceiling?

Yes, wooden ceiling now becomes popular since it gives warmth for rooms. It looks naturally stylish and contemporary. It also suitable to be applied in the living room, bedroom, and dining room. The quality of the wood should be considered because it is the most important. Then, the second is the model or the design of  it is going to be. Eventhough wooden ceiling will cost much and take longer time in the process of making than gypsum, but they don’t make people afraid of decorating their home using this kind of concept. Wooden ceiling also let us to put ornaments like a fan on it, and it is not dangerous since it is as strong as other ceiling material. Here we present 52 wooden ceiling models as your inspiration.


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