36 A Floating House Inspiration for Your House

A Floating House Idea That Can Inspire Every Decoration Of Your Home

Houses are usually built on the land. However, what do you think if we live in a floating house? Apparently, living in the water area is currently becoming an alternative, especially for those who want to feel a simpler and more dynamic life. In addition, some people feel the decision to live in the waters because they want to get a peace.

Generally, floating houses are built on a structure that can float. In addition, the structure of the house must also be equipped with fastening, so the house isn’t easily washed away during a storm or flash flood. If we know, there are many alternative materials that can be used for floating house foundations. The main requirement is resistant to water, not rust, durable, and easy to get, not easily damaged and the buoyant force is able to withstand the load of the building and the activities above. Next, the examples of the foundation materials for floating house are Styrofoam, plastic drums, large diameter logs, and bamboo, Gallons of mineral water, Tubes and hollow concrete plates that are waterproof. Apparently, it isn’t only house that can be floated on the water, but we can also make stretches of floating gardens that can be used as a place to grow crops, as a source of food, rain water storage etc. At a floating house, if you want to eat you can fish in the sea or lake, and about transportation you can use a boat or swim. Here we present several examples of floating houses in several worlds. Hopefully inspire.


Kho Lick

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