34 DIY Minimalist Wooden Gates for Luxurious House

DIY Gate You Can Try To Place On Your Front Yard (1)

House gate is an exterior design that first seen by guests or people who are just passing through your house. Therefore, the design of the gate requires special foresight. You have to choose a gate that isn’t only sturdy and attractive, but you have to be able to adjust it with the concept of the house that you are applying. But now, you can make your own home fence according to what you want.

One of the most popular gate-making materials is wood. Lately, the use of wood as an ingredient in making gate has become a trend. Wood material is chosen by many people because it has several advantages, including cheaper prices compared to iron and wall fences. Besides that, the process of making wooden gates is faster, so it can save more time on making it and the cost that you spend becomes more economical. Furthermore, use paints to coat your wooden gate. The wooden gate with paint will last longer than without paint. Don’t forget to choose a paint color that matches with your home concept, so they will look fused. The problem that often arises when you use wood material as the base material of the gate is usually damage caused by porous, mold, termites and the appearance of a gate that begins to dull. So you can use paint that is equipped with mushroom and termite drugs. If you want the gate not to be exposed to termites, make the gate not touch the ground or the floor. Make the gate higher than the ground, so that the wood will not be exposed to termites. Good Luck


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