46 Amazing Tile Ideas for Your Home Design

46 Amazing Tile Ideas For Your Home Design

Designing the tile is as interesting as designing wall, ceiling, and choosing furniture. Since it will represent the whole look of a room or a house, it gives a certain impression for who steps the floor. We can modify the tile for our house by its color, shape, size, and pattern. Bathroom, kitchen, porch, and garage are the room that usually apply modified tile.

By modifying tile, the room becomes more artistic and unique. A narrow space usually uses plain motif in order to create larger impression. On the other hands, a large space is possible to apply some motif. Printing tile or motif tile can be the smart choice. You can minimize the ornaments of the room because this printing tiles have given special decoration. The tile can be applied in the form of diagonal or subway. There are some kinds of tiles, like monochrome which combines white and black such as chess board model. Grayscale and natural stone are the other kinds of tiles. They are commonly used for kitchen or bathroom. But, if you apply these two kinds of tiles, you have to spend more money. Geomatric tile recently become more popular since it present unique arrangement. The tile can be shaped like pentagon and hexagon. These 46 designs of tile may inspire you in arranging the tile of your house.




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