44 DIY Hanging Plants Ideas for Your Home

44 DIY Hanging Plants To Be Good Idea For Your Home

Home Decor with DIY hanging plants has never been simple while it is a good way to decorate your home on a budget. Moreover, hanging plants are able to give a nice, chic, and trendy look. You can choose your favorite plants and hang them above your porch, front yard, backyard, or anywhere. Use your creativity and imagination to create the hanging pot and you can add a little greenery into your home.

There are several DIY hanging planters that you can make with several materials such as by using wooden material. A wooden box hanging planter is simple to make and look amazing on the wall. A wood slice is also great to be used as the planter, you can hang it with rope and this is super easy. Try to make a macramé hanging planter is a good idea, you can put the pot or jar into it. Here we have some other DIY hanging planter that you can make at home. Happy creating!


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