49 DIY Toy Storage Ideas to Store Your Kids’ Toys

49 DIY Toy Place That Can Help To Storing Your Kids Toy

As children grow, they will need to learn responsibility starts from storing their own toys right after they finished playing it. To implement your responsibility lesson plan, you should preparing impressive storages for your kids. Rather than buying some new expensive storage better for you to make your own toys storage and design it by giving your kids’ favorite touch. It is important to make something that your kids love as they will be enthusiastic in storing their messy toys.

There are some materials that you can use to make DIY toy storage such as wooden crate, rattan basket, paint cans, etc. You can arrange your materials under the bed or compile it vertically like a drawer. Don’t forget to adorn it as it will be the main impressive point for your kids. Simply stick some stickers with your kids’ favorite figure or you can paint it together with your kids to make sure that they will love it. It will be more clearly if you check out our storage idea images bellow. Hope you can be inspired.



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