36 Home Decor Ideas with Natural Wood and Branch Crafts You Can Try

Home Decor Ideas With Natural Wood And Branch Crafts You Can Try

If all this time you have thought that tree branches can only be used as firewood, now tree branches have more benefits than that. For residents of the house who like natural scenery, now your interests can be realized. Many have tried to apply tree branches as your home decoration. Dried tree branches can you beautify with a variety of beautiful colors of wood paint, so that it can help you to beautify your living room. Aside from being a decoration, twigs can also function as table-making material, for example, the legs of a table that you can innovate with a tree branch will even look artistic and unique. Aside from being a bench support, maybe you can move as a wall decoration, frame decoration, or just as a flower vase filler in the corner of your house. Don’t worry if your house will look dirty, even with this kind of decoration it will look very unique and artistic.

In addition to living rooms, you can also apply twigs as a stair handrail, hanging lamp media, or a place to hang a key. If you intend to apply a branch in your kitchen, then you can use it as a lap hanger. Not only that, in a house it must have windows and curtains that cover every glass from that window. In order to impress artistically you can replace the curtain hangers in the living room with twigs. If you are still confused about what the results are, then here are some pictures that will convince you. You can choose natural wood as the basic ingredient. So you will not find it difficult to decorate, making the branches become expensive items.


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