44 Creative Decoration to Make A Colorful Boys Bedroom

44 Creative Decoration To Make A Colorful Boys Bedroom

Children should be accustomed to sleeping separately from their parents at an early age. In addition, for children to be more at home, parents need to provide space for them to move and rest. A space to recover energy after experiencing a day that is not always pleasant. A special bedroom for boys is the answer. Before designing a bedroom for boys, parents need to pay attention to several things. First is the age of the child. How old is the child when we prepare the bedroom for him? The world of children is a world full of fun, so rooms need to be decorated with themes that make the child cheerful at all times. However, we cannot predict whether children will still like the same thing when they get older. Therefore we recommend that parents choose neutral themes.

Some neutral themes that can be applied to a child’s bedroom are themes of animal life in the forest, sports, or racing. Cartoon themes can also be chosen, but it should be adapted to the usual male favorite figure. Can be about super hero cartoon characters, or cartoon characters who are neutral and can be liked by all children such as Donald Duck, Sponge Bob, or Tom n Jerry. If the child has entered school age Kindergarten or Elementary, parents can also decorate a boy’s bedroom with popular game themes such as Pokemon Go, Lego, or Mine craft. If you want a sponge bob character, then the colors you choose are blue and yellow. But if you want images of superman figures, the dominant colors that must be there are blue and red. After parents have established their choice of colors, it’s time to fill the bedroom with furniture. A single bed can be chosen if the bedroom is used by one child. If there are two boys living with you, then choose a bunk bed. In addition to beds, other furniture that should be there is a wardrobe. It will be easier to train a toddler to dress himself if he knows where to look for his clothes, and to start this wardrobe is absolutely necessary.


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