45 Simple DIY to Make Shoes Rack To Storing Your Shoe Collection

45 Simple DIY To Make Shoes Rack To Storing Your Shoe Collection

Besides clothes, shoes are the most important thing for women. In general, the percentage of clothes with shoes they have is almost the same, because women need to combine matching clothes and shoes they wear. In storing shoes, of course, different from storing clothes. Storing our shoes requires more space. So that we usually experience big turmoil when we want to save your shoes. Now, you don’t need to be confused with this, because we have several models of shoe rack designs that you can make yourself according to the size of your room and your desires. Whether you want an open or closed storage rack, you can find sources of inspiration.

Besides the design that fits with the desire, you can also apply quality ingredients in this matter. Whether from wood, iron, aluminum, brochure, or from the best ingredients of your choice. The shoe rack design is equally important, because in addition to the best material, a charming design will also help to enhance the beauty in the best storage model.


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