46 DIY Rustic Storage Ideas You Can Try

46 DIY Rustic Storage Ideas You Can Try

When your home is quite messy with too much stuff from your kid’s toys or even your own things, then it’s time for you to give some extra storage into your home. In case you have lot of time, it will be so much better if you make your own DIY storgae so that you can manage to create the storage based on your needs consider to your home space and budget. The easiest yet very pretty material for the DIY storage is wood where people commonly use it with the rustic style. Still, this wooden storage is very flexible as you can apply it on every home style so that you don’t need to be worried whatever your home style is.

There are several rooms that you can add with storage, let’s say your kid’s room. In case your kid’s room is too small with too much toys, try to create the storage that will fit your under kid’s bed. It is save lot of space while your kid’s room will look tidy at the same time. Your coffee table is also possible to be added with storage the same way as the bed. Apply the storage under the table and use it to store your magazine and newspaper. For the kitchen, of course you can create your own DIY storage too. You can design the storage to put you seasoning jar, plate, spur, etc. Since there are so many advantages in creating DIY storage, don’t waste your time and check the following pictures below. Get some inspiration and start your own DIY project. Good luck!

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