46 DIY Extra Storage Ideas for Your Rustic Bathroom

46 DIY Extra Storage Can You Take In Your Rustic Bathroom

When it comes to rustic bathroom, it will be close with an earthy sense on natural element materials. It means that you have to use the natural materials if you want to add some extra storage for your rustic bathroom. Everyone needs extra storage, especially if you own a sink on your bathroom. Wooden material is possibly the most typical element in a rustic bathroom. Moreover, rattan is also great to be used as the storage material.

While wood and rattan are easy to be crafted, it is possible for you to make your own DIY storage project. Free your creativity and imagination when doing your DIY project because this is your chance to express your thought. Related to the DIY bathroom storage, the first thing you need to do is considering the function of your extra storage, then correspond it with the size of your bathroom and the room condition. For your information, the extra storage is not only used to store your towel or washing equipment, it can also be used to put your candles, air freshner, or any decorative plants. If you want some more illustration to brighten your ideas, please check out the images below.

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